Why Your Employees Need A Balance Between Work and Life

large_2941655917Do you have employees that regularly let their personal lives affect their jobs?  As HR Managers, it’s important to recognize dissatisfied workers and help them work through whatever it is that is making them unhappy.  In this blog, read about the outcome of dissatisfied workers, the importance of working through it with them, and striking a balance between work and personal life, according to HR Magazine.

It’s rare when you find an employee that can hang their “personal life” hat up at the door to the office, put their “work hat” on and do their job as though everything is normal at home, when in fact, there is a personal problem.  Even the most professional employees would have a problem leaving the stress of a divorce or infidelity behind and not let it affect their productivity. 

Why a dissatisfied employee should not be ignored – Individual productivity is an obvious issue when an employee brings personal problems to work with them.  However, if there is a major problem at home, negativity can begin to permeate throughout the workplace from them, which affects the rest of your work force.  Negativity spreads fast and is difficult to ignore, so should be addressed as soon as a problem is detected.

Work through it with your dissatisfied employees – It may be tempting to ignore the disgruntled workers and let them work through it themselves.  After all it’s much easier to spend time with positive high-achievers.  However, the more you ignore your unhappy employees, the more dissatisfied they will become.  You don’t necessarily need to get involved in all of the personal aspects of their lives, but having a one on one conversation to let them know you care can bring the actual problem to light so you will know how your company can help.  Perhaps it’s a particular project the employee is dissatisfied with, another employee, or they were afraid to ask for a much needed vacation.  Whatever the case, a simple conversation can have a big impact on an employee’s loyalty to the company.

Striking a balance – The balance between work and personal life can be a delicate one.  Whether someone brings their personal life to work, or works too much to avoid their personal life, it can cause productivity problems.  Don’t ignore those high-achievers either.  Studies show that when employees put in too many hours, they start to lose productivity.  Encourage a vacation or long weekend here and there to help them keep balance in their lives.  Then they won’t get burnt out, their personal life won’t suffer, and you’ll have a high achieving employee for the long haul.

When employees can’t find a balance between work and personal life, attrition can happen.  Unexpected employee losses don’t have to put everything else in your workday on hold.  Let Serenity Staffing be your go-to staffing company when a need arises.  We’ll pre-screen candidates, coordinate schedules, and handle all communication with potential employees.  Contact us today to get started!  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we share valuable news weekly pertaining to the field of HR.