Why Businesses Should Offer An Apprenticeship Program

large_7744321194Our U.S. education system is based on sending 100% of our children to a 4-year college, according to HR Magazine.  Obtaining a degree from a 4-year university is great for some students; however there may be a better option for those who are “undecided”.  After reading this blog, you will understand the importance of offering an apprenticeship program at your business.

Many U.S. schools have cut programs like auto shop, wood shop, machine shop, sewing, typing, drafting, and culinary classes.  They have instead replaced practical instruction with college prep courses.  It’s important to prepare children for college course work, however, what if some kids don’t have college in their plans?  If U.S. schools are only focused on sending kids to a 4-year college, that’s a huge disservice for the 1/3 of high school graduates that don’t pursue higher education.

Most high school graduates are grossly underemployed; leaving them unqualified for a job in the workforce that will pay a living wage.  Many students are working at coffee shops and living with mom and dad while they figure out what it is they want to do with their lives. 

In many European countries, however, about 70% of students are enrolled in an apprenticeship program.  Many programs start a student in an apprenticeship at age 15 and finish when they are 20.  Comparing that to a college education, students who enroll in a program like that will earn a wage for five years, have five years of on-the-job experience, and will have a better chance of entering into the job market in a position that will earn them a living wage.

Do you have a company that could provide students with on-the-job experience that will prepare them for the real world?  Companies who offer an apprenticeship have a structured program to train and educate employees about doing things the safe and right way.  To learn about how to set up an apprenticeship, contact your local U.S. Department of Labor office.

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