Why Building An Entourage Is Important For Business

large_6829457845In business, it has been the goal of many professionals to keep competitors at bay while raking in as many customers as possible.  However, many business owners have launched their companies to the next level by gathering allies and building an entourage.  In this blog read about what creating life-long business relationships could do for you, verses going it alone, according to an article I found in HR Magazine.

When you think of an entourage, you may automatically think of your network of business connections.  However, if you look at those connections, how many of those would you call a mutually beneficial relationship?  That’s what makes an entourage different than your regular network.  Your entourage is a collection of business people that are there to help you by giving you advice and encouragement, while you do the same for them.

To build your network of business relationships you will likely have to leave your office.  Making face-to-face connections are an important part of a strong relational foundation.  When meeting with people, your number one goal should be to build trust.  Do this by understanding that building these relationships isn’t about you.  Instead, first ask people you meet about their businesses and their goals.  That way you will be able to quickly understand how you can help out by a service you offer or a business person they should connect with that you can introduce them to.  Once that trust is established and you have shown your willingness to help, your new connection will be eager to help you out.  That is the start of your entourage!

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