Top 4 Import Factors Of Job Satisfaction For Men & Women

Flickr Temecula JumpAre you looking for an easy way to retain top talent? There are many things employers can do to try to please everyone in the company; but the reality is that in any situation, there is no one-size-fits-all solution in making everyone happy. In an article written in HR Magazine’s April issue by Jennifer Schramm, the Society for Human Resource Management conducted an Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement Survey, and the findings were quite interesting.

According to SHRM’s study, they found that men and women have different things that define their job satisfaction. Here are how the top four factors rank according to men and women:


  1. Job compensation
  2. Job security
  3. Relationship with supervisor
  4. Ability and opportunity to use skills


  1. Ability and opportunity to use skills
  2. Job security
  3. Job compensation
  4. Organization’s financial stability

It’s no wonder why both men and women rank job security as their number 2 factor in overall job satisfaction. During the turmoil in the job market during the recession, workers were affected deeply when they saw their peers, friends, and family members go through a job loss. But what’s more important to note here is that job compensation and the ability to use skills is almost flip-flopped in order of importance between men and women.

Of course job satisfaction all depends on the individual employee you are dealing with, but hopefully this gives you a foundation in what makes employees happy. Job satisfaction directly relates to employee engagement. The more engaged your employees, the more productive and profitable your company will be.

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