Terminating An Employee: 3 Ways To Make The Announcement

large_6829524075Are you facing the situation of letting an employee go?  Eliminating a position or terminating an employee is uncomfortable enough, but when you think about announcing the news to coworkers, it can be down right nerve-wracking.  In this blog, find out how best to deal with announcing the dismissal of a coworker to your remaining employees depending on the reason for termination.

The Elimination of a Position – When there is a redundancy in a team, sometimes it means a teammate needs to be let go.  In this case, the more open, honest, and transparent you can be about the lay off, the better.  Acknowledge that it’s always unnerving to hear this type of news and it’s with regret that they must lose a coworker.  Move your focus to the remaining members of the team and reassure them by letting them know that they still have a job that the company is counting on them to do.  This will ensure they feel secure in their jobs and motivate them to keep the momentum going.

Problems With Performance – When an employee has attendance problems or doesn’t perform their duties as expected, it’s typically not a surprise when that employee is let go.  In this case, let the rest of the team know of the termination and that you appreciated the employee’s efforts.  Discuss your plans for dispersing the workload while you recruit for the position and for employees to keep the news relatively quiet out of respect for the terminated employee.

Misconduct – If an employee needs to be let go suddenly, it can come as a surprise to your remaining workers.  Since the details for termination shouldn’t be shared when gross misconduct is the reason, employees will be happy to fill in the gaps of information.  In this case, your message of the announcement should focus solely on guidelines and instructions.  Remind employees about your policy about not participating in third-party reference checks or external queries.  Show your employees that you care about the terminated employee’s respect and dignity by discouraging engagement in gossip about the details surrounding the abrupt firing.

No matter the reason, don’t be silent when an employee is let go.  Any time a person doesn’t have all of the information, it’s human nature to jump to the negative.  Recognizing that possibility will make it easier to silence rumors and deal with inquiring employees. 

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