Telecommuting Has An Impact On Sustainability

large_3140100971Suddenly it seems that telecommuting or, alternative work arrangements, have become more common than not.  According to SHRM’s 2012 Employee Benefits research report, 57% of employers offer telecommuting as an option for their employees.  What has come out of this, though, is a multifaceted benefit for employees, companies, and the environment.  I’m talking about sustainability, or the balance between quality of life, finances, society, and the environment. 

According to HR Magazine, telecommuting definitely has an impact on sustainability and as this alternative work arrangement has become more popular, it’s easy to see the direct correlation.  Employees feel the effects of telecommuting in their pocketbooks as well as in quality of life.  Employees that work from home save on travel costs and avoid the stress of traffic.  Less people driving to work each day reduces the amount of people stuck in rush-hour traffic while reducing the amount of vehicle emissions, while allowing companies to maintain productivity. 

If enough employees can work from home, companies can also reduce their overhead costs:

  • Rent or mortgage costs
  • Building management fees
  • Real estate taxes and insurance
  • Ongoing maintenance costs
  • Furniture expenses
  • Utility bills

Telecommuting, offered as a benefit, also attracts and retains top talent.  Employees who are given the freedom that only a flexible work arrangement allow, are more likely to have improved morale and reduced stress.  Some studies have even shown that employees that work from home are more productive than their coworkers in the office.  Telecommuting’s biggest impact is on the environment.  On a larger scale, more employees working from home reduces the amount of square footage needed by companies to house those workers, resulting in a reduction on new construction and avoiding the negative impact on land, water, and air quality.  Pass on the benefits of telecommuting by sharing this blog!  For continued HR tips and interesting news from the HR world, follow Serenity Staffing on Facebook and LinkedIn!