Relocating Your Business? Follow These 4 Steps

large_6829457845Is your company headquarters relocating? If so, you’re probably wondering where to start. Like any move, relocating an entire company requires planning and preparation. In this blog, read about four steps for making a smooth move.

Moving a business is more than just about real estate. One major consideration is how hard the move could be on the employees. That is, if they decide to join you on your journey. Here is a four-step process to make sure you’re ready for almost any situation:

Plan ahead – Of course, this goes without saying; but you may be wondering what should be included in your plan. First, determine a clear reason for the move. Next, craft a relocation policy meant to list out the benefits of relocating. Finally, be sure to create a hiring plan for those employees that won’t be invited to move or those that choose not to relocate.

Communicate – Treat the communication of your relocation as a marketing strategy. You want to be clear, consistent, and responsive. Share your plan to move only when every detail is ironed out, that way you’ll have answers to the questions that will inevitably come up.

Retain top talent – Every company has employees whom are vital to the operation of the business. Be sure to have one-on-one conversations with key talent to address their concerns and answer any questions. One way to retain top talent during a move is to offer relocation benefits, such as cost-of-living adjustments, career counseling for dual-income, and housing sale and purchase support.

Replacing top talent – There will be employees who don’t join you on your move that you wish would have made the relocation. In that case, be prepared to hire new talent. Inevitably, you’ll want to make sure you’re familiar with local labor laws. Seek out help in this area by connecting with the new location’s area Chamber of Commerce. This will kill two birds with one stone and help you network with your new community!

If your company is getting ready to relocate, you’ll want to have all the help you can get in hiring new talent. With everything going on in a move, this important task can get overwhelming to tackle on your own. In that case, you’ll likely need the help of a staffing company. Serenity Staffing is a Minneapolis based staffing company that specializes in helping companies find top talent. Contact us as soon as you know of your company’s relocation plans so we can help you during your vital planning process. In the meantime, connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get our weekly blog updates on helpful HR information!