Philanthropy Helps A Company With Retention

large_6510934443Philanthropy is a big part of doing business in a community.  Creating a culture of giving has multi-faceted benefits.  Inside company walls, philanthropy engages, attracts, and helps with retention of top talent.  The talent that is anxious to give back is talent that feels good when they do good in the world; someone everyone wants working for them.  The reputation a company holds in a community is important for community relations.  Employees want to work for a company that cares about its community, and the citizens love to support organizations that have become pillars of their communities.  Creating a program from scratch can be a challenging project to be tasked with.  Like everything, the best place to start is with a plan.



Start by researching other companies that participate in philanthropic activities.  Research data to show what it does for revenue, study best practices, and create guidelines and define the focus of sponsorship of different strategies. 


Employee involvement

Work to drive excitement of your employees.  Have an amazing process in place for participating in charitable events and drives is great, but it may as well not exist if there is no participation.  Explain why it’s important to give back and why your company has chosen the specific charities to represent.  Tie it into your culture, make it fun, make it meaningful and before you know it employees will be excited to spend their hard earned Saturdays at a fund raising walk.  They may even involve friends and family members, which will raise donation funds as well as exposure for your company.  You never know where your next best employee or next big customer is going to come from!


Give Feedback

Let employees know what their fundraising efforts did for those who were in need.  Be transparent about the amount of money earned and where those dollars went.  Be sure to recognize the efforts of your employees by giving prizes and gifts for participation. 


Giving back is something that makes everyone feel good.  Be sure to make sure employees know participation is completely voluntary and that no aversion will come their way for non-participation.  After all, this is something they will want to do anyway, for themselves; you’re just providing a means for their efforts to make a large, collective impact.  Connect with Serenity Staffing on Facebook and LinkedIn and share this blog with those wishing to give back to their communities!