Model Your HR Team After World-Class Organizations

large_4620824615World-class HR organizations continually surpass their peers in areas of efficiency and effectiveness.  However, it can seem like they are doing more with less.  The most effective and efficient HR organizations operate at 27 percent lower cost per employee and use 24 percent fewer staff members than average companies, according to HR Magazine.  Strategically focusing their efforts in areas that save the company money, engage employees, and business acumen all add up to an efficiently run organization.


Instead of outsourcing services like payroll, training, and rewards administration, those duties are kept in-house.  Efficient organizations also keep it simple by using fewer job grades, health and welfare plans, and fewer compensation plans.  This cuts way down on administration costs so efforts can be focused on company talent.


It took a lot of time to find the right employees for each position.  It only makes sense to focus efforts on building up that talent and engaging employees to keep that talent at your company.  World-class companies spent more time developing talent and have twice as many internal placements, thus increasing employee engagement.  Talented employees are essential for productivity, so money and time spent in this area is a great investment.

Business Acumen

HR professionals should be deeply involved in the development of the company.  Spending time cultivating business skills helps HR staff to see the outcome of decisions, making them more effective and efficient in managing organizational change.  Measuring progress and analyzing what works and doesn’t work will also help them to understand where to focus more efforts, allowing them to serve more employees.

Understanding what world-class organizations do differently to keep them at the top of their game is important to implement in your organization, no matter how small.   Spending more of your time in these three areas will attract and retain top talent; they want to work at a place as professional as they are.  For continued tips on ensuring organizational success be sure to follow Serenity Staffing on Facebook and LinkedIn and share this blog with the HR professional you know!