HR Trends Action Items for 2013

The economy and technology are two important contributors to 2013 trends to keep up with.  With the recession becoming smaller and smaller in our rear view mirrors employees are starting to look ahead.  They are starting to feel a little more comfortable in their work environments as they see the job market open up.  And that’s okay; a relaxed employee is a creative and productive employee.  There are basically five categories to keep your ear to the ground on to make sure your employees are happy and candidates view your company as an exciting prospect.

  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Education, Training & Development
  • Technology
  • Staffing Management

Benefits – Encouraging preventive care and health maintenance is making a big appearance in improving health care for employees.  You can see it by way of health plans shifting more towards consumer driven, wellness incentives, and rewards for healthy living.  Other improvements to benefits include an increase in organizations offering paid time off plans and 401K contributions designed to encourage more enrollment.

Compensation – As I said, the recession seems to be getting smaller in our rear view mirrors, which is making employees expect a little more breathing room in their base salaries.  Although salaries aren’t likely to climb higher than pre-recession numbers, we can expect to see an increase around 3%.

Education, Training & Development – Our world is getting smaller.  It certainly seems like that when employees are trending towards collaborating with overseas colleagues through cloud computing.  Social networking, employee development, and credentialing are going to be huge in making sure employees feel engaged in their positions and feel ownership over their work.

Technology – Most companies report using social media as a way to engage their audience and build awareness.  Social media is also going to be used to find companies new candidates.  Companies are expected to seek referrals from employees’ Facebook friends and are also planning on using software to gather information from publically available forums such as blogs and Twitter.

Staffing Management – Every company wants to be a place their employees love to work.  As jobs on the market start to open up and the best companies snatch top talent up, it’ll be important to beef up your brand and make sure candidate sites are user friendly.  It’s important to be the best on the front end so you attract the best talent.  Doing so will ensure success in every department in your company.

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