How Videoconferencing Increases Your Bottom Line And Efficiency

large_2229569056With more companies creating remote positions, it can sometimes be difficult to get everyone in the same room at the same time for a meeting.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about how some companies are using videoconferencing to not only increase efficiency, but also increase their bottom line.

As an HR professional, you’re the dedicated trainer of new employees and handler of sensitive information.  But imagine the impact that’s lost when you’re unable to meet with the employee face-to-face.  Questions may come up during orientation that would be better addressed in person, and for sensitive information a phone call is just too impersonal.  Telecom providers have listened to the complaints of conference calls and older models of videoconferencing equipment.  As a result, suppliers have beefed up their equipment.  In fact, videoconferencing software and technology is becoming so advanced that 78% of those polled said that videoconferencing was the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting, according to a 2010 study conducted by Microsoft Research at the University of Washington, referenced in HR Magazine

So how does videoconferencing increase your company’s bottom line?  There are two ways I would like to address here:

Travel – No longer do companies need to fly to another location for a 30-minute meeting to answer a question that needed to be asked in person.  Even if the videoconferencing software costs in the tens of thousands, with airline prices rising, your company may still save money.

Efficiency & Time – Remote employees traveling to meet with you and executives traveling to other company locations are not as efficient as when they’re in their normal work environment.  You save money here in recovering lost time and efficiency by keeping employees from traveling due to videoconferencing meetings.

Now that you know videoconferencing solutions are improving, think about how much broader the search for that perfect employee can be.  If you’re thinking of hiring a remote employee, streamline your process by contacting Serenity Staffing.  We can screen employees for you and make sure you only interview the most qualified candidates.  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we share our blog posts that are full of helpful HR tips to help you increase your company’s bottom line!