How To Recognize Employees’ Achievement

large_6829457845Did you know that awards programs at companies have the potential to send the wrong message, according to HR Magazine?  Many companies are turning to peer recognition rewards and moving away from monetary rewards because of the possible unintended consequences that placing a dollar amount on performance can have.  If you’re working on an awards program for your company, after reading this blog you may rethink how you want to recognize employees’ achievements.

The Downfalls of Monetary Rewards

When choosing the structure of your awards program within your company, you must first decide what the reward is going to be.  Everyone likes money, so your gut instinct may be to offer a gift card or a cash reward.  However, this could send the wrong message and may encourage employees to “game” the system.  Employees may try to fix the results by really stepping up performance during the awards program, but not before and not after.  At first glance it may appear that the program improved output and performance, however it may have the consequence of demotivating employees that already work hard.  In this case, you’re motivating employees to do the job that was already asked of them instead of encouraging them to show excellence every day.

Awarding Employees for Excellence

Instead of monetary rewards for day to day tasks, try structuring your program to recognize the employees that are top performers whether there is an award program going on or not.  Peer recognition will encourage your top performers to keep up the good work, while at the same time showing other employees that hard work is recognized and rewarded. 

Do you see the need to have an awards program at your company, but don’t have the time to implement it?  Consider increasing your staff to have someone take on the project of implementing and executing an awards program.  Contact Serenity Staffing today to have us help you with all of your staffing needs.  By having us screen candidates and coordinate interviews, the only thing you need to worry about is meeting the perfect fit for your company.  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to receive our weekly blog updates where we share an HR hot topic each week!