How To Maximize Web-Based Health Insurance Enrollment

Pink Piggy Bank On Top Of A Pile Of One Dollar BillsWith the Baby Boom generation starting to retire, HR benefits managers are looking for ways in which to streamline the retiree health insurance process, but still keep the personal touch.  Since sitting down with each retiree to go over their options with them is both time prohibitive and costly, many benefits departments have found a solution in using technology and using a Web-based enrollment process.  In this blog I’m going to talk about how best to use a Web-based health insurance enrollment process, according to HR Magazine.

Baby Boomers didn’t grow up with today’s technology, but you might be surprised at how eager they are to incorporate it into their daily lives to make things easier.  By offering a Web-based health insurance educational system, retirees can study plans, crunch the numbers, and make these important decisions in the comfort of their home and with their spouse.  Since health insurance is a big expense, you’ll want to make sure there is a function in your online health insurance platform that helps them predict the cost of insurance. 

One worry some HR departments may have is the lack of a personal touch often times caused by Web-based platforms.  However, if you set it up correctly, employees may experience even more service.  Create an intranet online community and encourage your soon-to-be retirees to get involved in it.  This will give you a place to post valuable information for everyone to reference and will also serve as a forum for employees to post questions. 

Web-based platforms can also help guide retirees through the insurance selection process, thus answering their questions quickly and easily.  This eliminates the HR benefits administrator as the single point of contact getting bogged down with questions and speeds up response times for retirees.  If you’re worried about going completely virtual for such a personal item, provide a number for retirees to call so they can get advice over the phone, as there may still be some employees that are more comfortable with this. 

Using a Web-based health insurance enrollment program not only streamlines the process for retirees, but it also quickly answers simple questions that can be covered in an FAQ section.  This frees up your time to get back to employees with more complicated questions.  This solution is a win/win for both!  If you have an influx of employees retiring, contact Serenity Staffing to help you find qualified professionals to replace them.  Be proactive and call today!  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to learn about the ways Serenity Staffing can help you with your staffing needs!