How To Get Employees On Board About Health

large_4800255790When trying to improve the health of employees, leaders of such initiatives are often stumped as to what the solution is to get employees caring about their health. Many companies have tried incentive programs to get employees motivated, but still wonder what the best motivator is. After reading an article in HR Magazine written by Susan J. Wells, I thought I would share how to get employees motivated to improve their health.

Now that companies are required to provide employees with health insurance, one main concern is the health of the employees opting into said coverage. Since poor health equals high rates, it’s in the company and employees’ best interest to try and keep the rates as low as possible. But money doesn’t motivate everyone, so it begs the question: How do employers motivate employees to get healthy?

Shaming, scaring, or warning employees is likely the last thing you’ll want to do. Humans can be stubborn, especially over something as personal as their state of health. Instead, try to get them to think for themselves about how their poor health is affecting them:

  • Price in insurance coverage
  • Price in healthcare
  • Quality of life
  • Life expectancy
  • Health risks that can creep up right along with poor lifestyle choices and weight gain

Sharing messages that educate, rather than lecture, will put the subject of healthy decisions at the forefront of their minds. Even when they’re not at work, those messages will stick in their minds while at the grocery store, out and about, or at home, causing them to pause and think about the foods they are purchasing or eating. Change is a gradual process. Your role as an employer is to give your employees the education and tools necessary so they are armed with what they need to know in order to make an informed decision about their health.

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