How To Create Customer-Centric HR In Your Company

large_7934039676Every person within an organization has a boss; no matter how high up in the management chain an employee is.  If the customers don’t like the experience they get from a company, they can spend their money elsewhere, thus firing the company.  HR’s job is to coach employees and managers, but who coaches the company?  In this blog I’m going to talk about how to tap into customers so you can let the most influential boss, the customer, make your rules and best practices.

Customer-centric HR is a new trend in some of the most successful companies today.  Letting customers give you feedback about what’s good and bad about your company, what they expect from your company, and how your service teams are doing is the best way to get much sought after high consumer ratings.  Many companies have tried to do this by conducting surveys, but there are many problems with this approach.  First, surveys are often after the fact.  If the customer is doing a survey because they had a bad experience, it may already be too late, which results in lost business.  Results from surveys that employees encourage customers to do may be skewed because the customer was told that the employee would get a bigger bonus if he or she received the highest marks.  Finally, surveys on the bottom of receipts can be skewed in two different ways:  1) They are only doing the survey to get the incentive, so not much thought is going into their answers and 2) employees never see the results specifically related to themselves, so there is no opportunity to learn.

Below are some ways to introduce a customer-centric HR policy in your company, according to HR Magazine:

  • Encourage online customer forums – people love to share their opinions on products and services (for free), especially if it helps other consumers make an educated decision.
  • Find top customers to select your staff members – clients know what is required of the job.  Think about how powerful it would be for customers to pick whom they’re going to work with, especially in a personal field such as long term care.
  • Let customers be part of training – have them share a story about a bad experience with the company, which was rectified by someone in customer service.  This lets knew hires know it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as they are remedied and learned from.
  • Invite customers to reward employees – doing good feels great.  It’s rewarding for both employee and customer when the customer is allowed to reward the employee that demonstrated great customer service.  Sending out certificates to customers to give to employees is a way for HR to work from the outside in and get customers coming back!

There are many more ideas and ways to have a customer-centric HR system.  For more information on how to develop this model, contact Serenity Staffing for your HR needs.  Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn to be continually updated on the valuable HR tips I post each week!