How To Communicate With Your Employees Using Social Media

large_2352753067When communicating with employees during a crisis situation, time is of the essence.  Many companies have found social media platforms to be extremely useful in situations like these, however some companies fear opening that door to the two-way street social media presents, according to HR Magazine.  This blog will tell you how to effectively use social media to communicate with employees.

Some HR managers have avoided using social media platforms internally for fear that employees will use it as an area to lob complaints.  However, when people are presented with the unknown, it’s our gut instinct to immediately jump to the worst conclusions our minds can conjure up.  This is how rumors get started and it can escalate from there, making your small crisis turn into a full-blown epidemic. 

The operative word here is “with”.  You don’t need to lay all of your cards out on the table, however providing employees with regular updates will keep them in the loop and understanding what is gong on.  When you share updates with employees as a crisis is being resolved, you’re communicating with your employees instead of communicating at them.  Nobody likes to be told, “How it’s going to be” unless they fully understand the process it took to come to that decision.  Communicating with employees encourages them to be rational adults, lets them know that you care they understand, thus creates trust within company walls.  To do this you must:

  • Regularly update your social media platforms
  • Answer concerns and questions promptly
  • Immediately dispel rumors
  • Handle all comments, questions, and concerns in a rational and calm manner

By doing those four things, you’ll create transparency and nip any potentially big problems in the bud.  Social media in crisis situations are all about preventing fires vs. putting out fires.

Do you have the need for a social media manager in your company?  By hiring a strong communicator who can also practice discretion, you’ll be setting yourself up to better handle any crisis situation your company can throw at you.  Serenity Staffing can help you find the perfect fit for your company’s social media manager role.  Contact Serenity Staffing today so your hiring process doesn’t turn into its own crisis!  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get our regular blog updates on HR trends and the continuously evolving field of HR.