How to Attract and Keep Top Talent in a Competitive Market

A recent article published by Jen Schramm, manager of the Workforce Trends at SHRM, gives us some tips on how recruiters can find top talent and actually keep them in the workplace.

As the current U.S economy is rising, companies are struggling to find top talent for the seemingly more difficult positions to fill. And at the same time employees are becoming increasingly more confident in the workplace and are more likely to consider moving onto something new.

So how can recruiters lure in top talent and most importantly, how can companies keep them? Here are the three top incentives for both recruiting employees and retaining those employees as seen in the 2014 SHRM Strategic Benefits survey.

Top 3 recruiting benefits:large_6829496615

  1. Health care
  2. Retirement savings and planning
  3. Professional and career development benefits

Top 3 retention benefits:

  1. Health care
  2. Leave benefits
  3. Flexible working benefits

Although, those are important factors in finding and keeping talent we cannot forget that SHRM’s Employee Job Satisfaction and Engagement survey also shows that compensation is the most important factor when deciding how satisfied one is with their job. Does this mean that more emphasize should be put on salaries?

We at Serenity Staffing feel like it’s the big picture of what companies offer that attract the best candidates. Organizations that are successful in recruiting top talent are ones that know their culture and what
they have to offer a candidate both in overall compensation and personal and professional growth.

If you are an organization that could use some helping attracting the right Human Resource talent or someone that is considering a new opportunity within Human Resources Serenity Staffing can help.

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