How Emotional Intelligence Helps You Be A Better Leader

Photo Credit: Scott Maxwell

Photo Credit: Scott Maxwell

With HR comes employee relations and moral boosting through leadership.  Many leaders have had great success in leading by example, but wonder exactly how one goes about becoming an effective example.  In the November issue of HR Magazine, Kathryn Tyler writes about how one Google employee teaches others to lead by example by increasing their emotional intelligence.  In this blog, read about some basic steps to increase your emotional intelligence.

Stable, predictable people who listen make the most effective leaders.  Their followers or teammates may not always agree with their decisions, but they will continue to support him or her because their actions will show that their decisions are based on the good of the organization.  These people also have high emotional intelligence.  They aren’t likely to take things personally, they don’t fly off the handle, and they make decisions based on logic rather than emotions or personal gain.  These people are admired and respected because of their ethics and inability to be swayed from doing the right thing.  They are also looked up to because their habits are out of the norm.  Here are 3 simple steps to work towards increasing emotional intelligence:

Attention Training – Practice every day to keep your attention focused on one thing no matter what threatens to distract you.  Once this is mastered, you can remain calm in a crisis situation because you have a calm and clear mind that isn’t jumping around to a million different subjects.

Self-Knowledge & Self-Mastery – When you work to understand yourself from a third person perspective, you gain a heightened sense of self-awareness.  This allows you to better make decisions based on logic, rather than emotion.

Pro-Social Mental Habits – When your focus is on the good and success of the whole, your mental habits gravitate towards compassion and kindness.  Decisions based on what is good for the group benefit all.  Even the people who don’t agree with your decisions will grow to trust you when they realize your decisions are grounded in what’s good for everyone else.

Effective leadership from stable, kind, and compassionate managers are what employees look up to.  When you have employees that try to be like their leaders, you inevitably position your company to always have effective leaders as employees climb the ranks. 

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