Hire The Replacements For Retiring Baby Boomers

large_6829457845Since the Great Recession, economists have observed a relatively flat bounce back rate from companies.  What this means, is profits may be up, but hiring trends are not.  Existing companies aren’t seeing the need to hire as many people as they employed before 2007 and start-up companies are opening their doors with small numbers and staying small.  According to HR Magazine there’s a challenge here for HR staffing managers and it all boils down to experience.  In this post, I will address the issue of finding candidates for those positions that are going to be left vacant due to the retirement of employees with years of experience.

Adjusting the Expectations of the Job

It’s important to continually examine roles and expectations of positions to make sure the skill sets required and the function of the job continue to make sense.  Hiring managers need to be careful, here, to make sure they don’t miss out on an opportunity to rethink the job or upgrade the requirements.

Lightening Up on the Experience Required

It would be great to find a replacement with the right amount of experience, the right skills, and the right education.  Having it all would be great, but often in these situations you get to pick two.  In finding replacements to fill positions that normally would require several years of experience, consider adjusting the amount of years an applicant needs under their belt to fulfill the established qualifications.  Focusing on finding a candidate with the desired education and skill sets will allow the person you choose to grow into the role.

Economists attribute technology to this growing trend in the hiring marketplace.  Companies are finding that technology allows for higher production, but require less man-hours.  If you need help in finding your next qualified candidate for that position no longer being filled due to a retiring baby boomer, contact Serenity Staffing.  Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook to learn about new hiring trends.  Share us with the qualified job hunter you know!