Goal Achievement Action Plan

origin_2035597695Each company desires growth and many companies go about it in about the same way.  Goals are established during employee reviews, employees are sent on their way to achieve those goals, and progress and achievements are reviewed at the next employee review session.  It’s easy to get excited and motivated when new goals are laid out because you’re looking at the future or end result, but what about executing those goals and mapping out a path to get to where you want to be?  When day-to-day work happens, it can be easy to get tunnel vision and focused on the task at hand.  Focusing on tasks is necessary for daily operations, but they can also make it difficult to stay on track and move in the right direction.  Listed below are some components for goal achievement to make sure everyone follows the path to success in achieving their goals, which, in the end, contribute to the overall goal of growing the company:



Being transparent about where your company wants to be to all employees is vital in ensuring employees stay on track with their goals.  Communication helps employees to see how their efforts fit in to the big picture, thus giving their task real meaning vs. busy work.  Conversations about goals and progress should be regular.  They may seem awkward at first, but eventually it’ll become part of normal, daily conversation.


Break goals down in to smaller parts while keeping in mind how they contribute to the overall goal of the company.  Keep track of progress so you know where to focus efforts throughout the year.  For example, if a roadblock in one area is holding up projects in other areas, it is easy to see which area needs to be addressed.


Assign one person to each goal.  That person owns the goal and is in charge of keeping it moving forward.  If there is more than one person accountable for a task, then essentially, there is no one accountable.  Monitor performance, suggest improvements, and adjust the plan as needed; transparency is key.


Intervene and course-correct quickly by planning, doing the action, checking the outcome of the action, and acting on feedback to improve the process.  Readjusting strategies is essential to finding the best one.


Look to customer surveys to measure how you’re doing.  Customers provide real results and will help point out obvious areas in which to improve.


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