Employees Gain Power While Unemployment Decreases

The last few blogs I have posted have been all about HR trends and employee retention.  Now that your incentives, benefits, and compensation plans for 2013 are all squared away, I want to talk about staffing management.  According to the National Bureau of Economic Research the recession officially ended in 2009.  However, companies are shying away from creating new jobs and hiring on more employees, despite huge profits.  On the other hand, hiring managers are having a hard time finding employees with the required skill sets.  This is because the employees they are searching for with those key skills are reluctant to agree to employment through a company who isn’t offering the salary they had in mind.  As unemployment decreases, employees voluntarily seeking employment elsewhere is on the rise.  The reason for this directly ties in to the trends I’ve been writing about these past few weeks:

  • Awards & incentives
  • Compensation
  • Education, training & development

Companies are still a bit gun shy from our recession and are hesitant to let the generosity flow.  The most important take away from this post, though, is as jobs open at other companies top employees will go where they find raises, work/life balance, and where they can feel engaged.  Hiring costs don’t need to be high in order to retain employees, but your staffing does need to be planned out in a strategic way.  Serenity Staffing can help you determine whether one or two employees will get the job done in your company.  Keeping your staffing numbers where they need to be will ensure enough work to go around thus keeping job ownership, engagement, productivity and retention high.  Be sure to follow my LinkedIn business page and find me on Facebook to make sure you’re up to date on all of the latest HR trends!