Employee Information: 5 Tips To Keep It Confidential

large_5575827989As a member of an HR department, you may be one of the protectors of sensitive employee information.  However, with companies turning to technology more and more for their solutions, the traditional lock and key security system is few and far between.  If your company is turning to security software to store sensitive information, you may be wondering what some best practices are for keeping this sensitive data safe.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about HR Magazine’s five practices to help secure confidential employee information.

  1. Tighten password use – If an employee uses a device to access sensitive company information, require a password, even if the device is a personal device.  Require passwords be rotated after a certain amount of time and make a rule for password complexity.
  2. Educate employees on policy – Create a policy and educate employees on it.  To ensure they follow the policy, as strictly as you would, explain what will happen if security is breached.
  3. Enforce and monitor the policy – Most employees will be happy to follow your policy to safeguard company information.  However, even the most well-intentioned employees could misinterpret the policy.  Equip IT with technology to monitor access.
  4. Use technological solutions – Software exists that creates restrictions on what types of devices can access your sensitive information.  From creating restrictions on personal devices to wiping devices clean in the event they are lost or stolen, restriction software is essential in helping you with solutions when problems arise that are out of your control.
  5. Understand relevant laws – An understanding of local law is important to make sure you’re compliant.  Some states require you to notify the persons whose information has been compromised.  Also, too much monitoring of employees’ activity could be crossing the line.  Some countries regulate the monitoring of employees’ personal devices.

Now that you know how to effectively manage a software based security system of sensitive company information, you can ditch that unsightly file cabinet and stop wondering if the key is going to get into the wrong hands.  If you find you need to hire more personnel to help you manage your online database, contact Serenity Staffing to help with your staffing needs.  Connect with me on LinkedIn and Facebook where I share weekly blogs about important information that every HR professional should know.