Digital Learning in the Workplace

Technology has both crept and stomped into almost every area of our lives, and the workplace is no different. We have become accustomed to getting our information in easily digestible bites whether it is current events, family updates or the weather report. Studies have shown that in the workplace, employees are hungry for similar ease and expediency when it comes to on-the-job education. Digital learning at work is on the rise, and while the research is still being reviewed, the overall understanding is that it is effective, efficient, and here to stay.

From an employers’ perspective, embracing a digital learning environment has shown to be an excellent return on investment. Here are some tips on how to more successfully utilize a digital learning system within your company:

  • Recognize that digital learning may be happening whether you are offering it or not. Many employees will search for digital learning options regardless of whether or not it is offered within the company. By offering an internal digital learning selection, employers can ensure that the information employees receive are concurrent with the company’s methods and ideology.
  • Encourage employees to carve out time for education and application. Make learning a priority in the workplace by advising employees to set aside a specific portion of their day or week to dedicate to education. To reinforce this learning, it is just as important to follow up training with specific opportunities to apply the new information.
  • Stay ahead of training needs by monitoring what areas of education employees seek. One of the benefits of a digital learning system is the analytics and statistics that can be accessed. Much like online marketing, employers can utilize search tracking and cognitive analytics to gain a better understanding with what educational channels and topics to best equip their employees.

Switching the focus from the employer to the employee, it is important for individuals to know how best to make use of digital learning in order to excel and advance in the workplace. Here are some tips for employees to optimize their digital education:

  • Dedicate a specific time in your day or week to education. Think of it as a scheduled appointment that is no different than a meeting or phone call. If learning is given the same priority as other workplace duties, it is less likely to get pushed aside or missed out on all together.
  • Learn is small chunks. We have become accustomed to receiving our information in small, easily-digestible bites. Recognize that you are far more likely to retain formation if it is taken in small doses. Schedule small chunks of time for learning on a regular basis rather than entire days of education once a quarter.
  • Apply the new information immediately. Research shows that 70% of information is forgotten unless applied within 24 hours. Look for ways to apply your education in some way as soon as possible after it is received. This will ensure optimal retention as well as the most efficient use of educational hours.
  • Communicate with your employer regarding your training needs. Everyone learns differently and at different rates. Keep an open line of communication with your employer regarding the style and type of education you need to perform to your best for the company. While an employer may not be able to fulfill these education preferences immediately, it can be useful information when the time comes to revise the current training methodology.

There are several excellent digital learning options that companies are putting to use in the workplace. A few digital learning platforms to consider are:

  • Degreed, Edcast, and Pathgather – easy-to-use learning platforms¬†that recommend content and show what other employees are using to learn in their business function.
  • Lynda, Skillsoft, and Grovo – elearning webites that offer courses to advance skills in a particular topic.
  • Axonify – cognitive learning system designed to educate employees on their precise job functions.

Digital learning is an excellent way to further education in the workplace in an efficient and effective manner for both employees and employers. It is fast, easily-accessible, and exactly in line with the method of information reception to which individuals have become accustom. Let’s embrace it and move the¬†digital age forward in the workplace.


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