Control The Cost of Company Health Insurance These 2 Ways

large_6355318323According to an article written by Susan J. Wells, published in the March edition of HR Magazine, health insurance premiums are expected to rise in 2014. Many employers and employees alike are working to regulate the rising costs of healthcare by making different decisions about their insurnace. In this blog, read about ways members are controlling group health insurance premiums.

Since 2008, health insurance premiums have risen with only slight changes from year to year. However, because of the Affordable Care Ace (ACA), that trend is projected to change for 2014. Here are 2 ways people are taking control:

Employees get involved. Since 2000, employees have been encouraged to take a more accountable role in their healthcare. In the past, it was commonplace to run to the doctor for nearly every ailment that surfaced. Many people had plans that covered every medical expense at 100%. What happened, however, is plan members, not having to pay any money out of their own pockets, began to forget that every trip to the doctor was raising claim amounts, thus raising premiums. Over the past 13 years, plan administrators have been encouraging employees to take a more accountable role in their healthcare. Whether it is home remedies, visit convenience care clinics, or adapting a healthier lifestyle, plan users are beginning to take a more active role in their healthcare.

Employers manage risk. Employers are beginning to offer alternatives to expensive “everything’s covered Cadillac” plans. Instead, employees are offered and incentivized to take higher deductible health plans. Usually these plans cost less, thus allowing employers to cover more of the premium. To take even more control over the cost of health insurance overall for the company, employers are offering rewards for biometric testing and healthy lifestyles.

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