Company Sponsored Continuing Education for Employees

Last week I shared with you some information about what to expect with health care reform.  Now that you’ve started thinking about the logistics of how health care will change in the next year I want to shift into thinking about employee retention.  There’s more to keeping quality employees happy, loyal, and productive than simply providing an amazing benefit plan or retirement plan.  Those are two very important pieces of the puzzle, of course, but having an edge over your competition and keeping star performers preforming for you is a multifaceted approach.  This week I want to talk about the importance of training and developing your employees.

No matter how talented and experienced your newest hire is there is still a certain amount of company and industry knowledge each employee needs to possess in order to stay confident in the workplace.  For this, you put your new hire through orientation.  Training managers work long and hard to put together these programs.  But what about existing employees wishing to further extend their breadth of knowledge.  For this your company may have a tuition reimbursement program.  According to and the Society for Human Resource Management’s Human Capital Benchmarking Database, tuition reimbursement allotments have decreased by 11% from 2011 to 2012.  Also, employees tend to come into the workforce after already obtaining a four-year degree.  So, what can we make of this?  Company sponsored training is becoming more social and more online.  E-learning is becoming a major contributor in informal social learning opportunities for employees.  Collaborative platforms such as wikis, blogs, social media, and chat forums are becoming the way to go when you want your employees to be engaged in their learning.  So, while companies are decreasing tuition reimbursement amounts, they are increasing their e-learning budgets.

Providing training and continuing education to your employees will make them feel appreciated and will give them ownership in their position.  Their career path will becoming clear and investing in them will maintain their loyalty to the company that invests in them.  How’s that for a win/win give and take?  If you’re thinking about beefing up your training department, think of Serenity Staffing to help you find the right HR Training Manager for you.