Benefits Administration Roles Grow With Companies

With yesterday being the first day of spring, it got me thinking about growth and benefits.  Every company wants to grow and every employee wants to grow their role.  I know this to be true because if a company refused to grow with technology and trends, they would quickly be cut off from the rest of the business world.  Think if there were still a company out there that had no access to the Internet and didn’t offer benefits to their employees.  That company would fall into oblivion as being inefficient and disconnected from their employees.  The same thing goes for benefits administration within companies.  There are so many competitors out there that companies provide their employees with benefits to working there to remain a competitive employer.  Whether the word “benefits” conjures up images of 401K plans, health insurance plans, or pension plans it all falls into the same category of benefits and showing why top talent should come and work for you.

The role of who takes care of benefits has grown over the years.  The role has gone from “benefits administration” to “benefits leadership”.  According to HR Magazine, the person managing the benefits has a list of new job criteria:

  • Collaborating with the senior leadership team
  • Advising on health care reform
  • Planning for mergers
  • Analyzing how the organization’s benefits compare with competitors’
  • Sizing up corporate weaknesses
  • Encouraging wellness
  • Redesigning total rewards strategies
  • Negotiating complex deals with vendors and consultants

Taking ownership over the benefits administration role and having a vested interest in the company is important to influence other business leaders towards benefits changes that will lead the company down a path of growth.  Strategic planning and developing a road map for benefits rather than focusing on administrative services in the role will ensure smooth transitions and could even save your company millions over the years.  Growth and change are what companies crave.  If these processes are examined, planned, and properly executed the output is success.  For continued updates on trends and changes in the HR community, be sure to follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn – and be sure to share my articles with those you think might find them helpful!  For an exciting opportunity to get more involved in the field of HR, be sure to put the HRP-MN annual spring conference on your calendar for April 3rd!