Becoming A Manager: How To Think Big

large_6829496615If you’ve recently been promoted to a managerial role and you’re not included in more big-picture decisions, you may be wondering how you can change this to grow your talents and role.  Many managers have found success in changing their view of leadership.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about how to stop focusing on small tasks within your department and set your sights on the big picture, according to HR Magazine.

Adjusting how you view your role is the first step in becoming included in big-picture decisions.  Once you stretch your vision to include not only your department, but also the entire company, other leaders will recognize this initiative and will seek out your input.  Below are two ways in which to do this.


Pull yourself out of the trenches

You were promoted because of your ability to think strategically and see the big picture.  However, your promotion may have made you feel a little more pressure to make sure your department gets everything done.  Good leadership is all about delegation.  Trust that your team will do their jobs and will do them well.  There are two outcomes here:  1) by trusting your team, your team will trust you and view you as a leader and more than a manager, and 2) if your team falls short on a project, you have the opportunity to show your team and the rest of the company how you decide to handle it.  Recognizing and adjusting opportunities for growth will show that you have big-picture vision.


Expand your thinking skills

Executives promote leaders from within because they believe in you to help them grow the company.  Expand your thinking skills in four categories:  strategizing, learning, performing, and forecasting.  Up until now your focus has been on customer satisfaction and closing deals.  Your peers, who are now other executives, know that you can do that.  Now is the time to focus on what got you that promotion, so take the time to think strategically, expand options, create opportunities, and generate solutions.


Have you recently been promoted to a managerial or executive position?  Now that you’re in charge of finding members for your team, and possibly your replacement, contact Serenity Staffing to assist you in your search.  You’ve got big things to focus your attention on, remember to surround yourself with people that are more talented than you to delegate tasks to that aren’t in your skill set.  Follow Serenity Staffing on Facebook and LinkedIn where we post our weekly blogs, which are full of information to help you make your career a success!