5 Ways To Manage Your Company’s Culture

Photo Credit: Infusion Soft

Photo Credit: Infusion Soft

Any time a company goes through a major transition, the company culture is threatened. When this is the case, managers turn to HR to maintain or create culture, according to an article in HR Magazine. In this blog, read about how to purposely choose your company’s culture and how to implement it.

Culture is important to a company because it defines how that entity gets things done. Usually culture is adapted as a company grows and, unless something major changes, it stays the same. Big changes in a company can affect employee productivity and could threaten to change the culture entirely. Whether a cultural shift is desired or not, it’s important to be proactive to get your desired outcome. Here are some tips:

Begin where you want to end. When you define the type of culture you want, you can then recognize the type of actions from employees that are necessary to get you there. 

Define your current culture. It’s important to know where you’re starting from so you know if you need to turn left, turn right, or stay the original course.

Align managers with your cultural goals. Be sure to communicate with managers the type of behaviors you expect from them to get the type of culture you desire. It’s always easier for them to manage in a way that’s consistent with your goals when they see how it will affect the end result.

Communicate with the company. Informing every employee what you’re doing and what your cultural goals are is essential to maintaining your culture or shifting your culture. A change is easier to adjust to with an explanation behind it.

Evaluate your progress. It’s impossible to know what’s going on in your company without asking the employees. Evaluations can help you pinpoint cultural challenges that need to be addressed; sometimes right down to the specific employee that’s having a difficult time adjusting.

Culture affects areas that have a direct impact on morale, engagement, efficiency, and productivity. When everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal, your company can grow by leaps and bounds! If this is the case, you’re likely in a position to hire additional staff. In that case you’ll want the help of Serenity Staffing, a Minneapolis based staffing company. Call today to begin the hiring process now! We’ll pre-screen all candidates, schedule interviews, and handle all post-interview communication. Let us handle the task of staffing for you! To learn more about the important role of HR in your business, connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to receive our weekly blog updates!