5 Tips To Training New Managers

origin_2035597695When you have top performers at your company, it can feel like a natural progression to promote them into a leadership role. However, that new role can feel anything but natural when the employee doesn’t have any management experience. In this blog, read about 5 key elements to be sure to include in your management-training program, according to an article in HR Magazine.

Like any new role, an employee needs to be trained in order to execute that position well. However, more often than not, training employees into a management role is forgotten. It may seem that a top performer in their department would make a good manager, but not all good employees are natural born leaders. When employees climb the ranks at your company, be sure to include the following in your management training exercises:

  1.  Stay Focused – Keep training relevant to your industry and applicable to daily working life.
  2.  Keep Sessions Short – New managers don’t have the time or attention span to absorb much during a two-hour training session. Give them nuggets of information over the course of time that they can immediately apply in their jobs.
  3.  Be Timely – Stop bad management habits before they begin and get their training done within the first 60 days of their promotion.
  4.  Real-Life Experience – When you use others as trainers with positive leadership experience within your company, you will create a sense of camaraderie amongst all of your managers. Hearing about a respected leader’s struggles and accomplishments will put new managers at ease in their role.
  5.  Keep on Training – When managers have found their groove in their new role, be sure to keep training them. Continued training sessions can revitalize managers and get them excited about their role if they feel it has gotten monotonous.

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