5 Tips For Implementing Change

large_7369580478Change in an organization is inevitable. Embracing change is necessary for growth and progression. However, it’s not always easy to get everyone in the company involved. Thankfully the April issue of HR Magazine printed an article written by Robin Broadnax, SPHR and change management expert, on how she had to think outside of the box to get managers and employees on board for yet another company-wide adjustment. In this blog, read about some helpful items gleaned from Robin’s article that might help you in your own company’s process for progression.

No matter the reason to switch things up at a company, there is always resistance to the shift. Managers may already feel they have enough on their plate and employees get comfortable in their roles. Both attitudes make it easier to just keep things the way they are. However, when it gets right down to it, every company will reach a point where change is unavoidable. In that event, try using these 5 techniques to get your people on board:

Ask the right questions. Even if you have an idea of what needs to change in your company, asking the right questions will reveal the level at which the most time and effort needs to be spent. You will also find out why some people may resist efforts to improve systems.

Change individuals. Leaders must support and follow through with change initiatives in order for behaviors to stick.

Give a choice. Let leaders choose whether or not they are willing to be a coach with no negative consequences if they decline the opportunity. If they have too much on their plate, their involvement won’t be positive.

Coach and support. Leaders know their teams and should use adjustments in the company as an opportunity to communicate and coach their employees on the change. Encourage leaders to get together and share their difficulties and offer support. Even the strongest of leaders need help staying the course.

One size fits none. No two situations are the same. Approach every change as though it is a new opportunity with different challenges and different lessons to be learned. Using a formula could present you with limitations that impede growth.

When any new program is implemented, be sure to follow up the process by asking leaders and employees about their experience. Then, when the next company-wide change presents itself, you will have valuable lessons learned on how to handle the next experience.

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