4 Ways To Stay Positive During A Company Crisis


Photo Credit: net_efekt

There may come a time when you’re under pressure in your company. Actually, that’s almost a guarantee! I recently read an interview in HR Magazine; which got an inside look at how a high-level HR executive was handling a possible company shut down, while keeping employees positive and motivated. Through this article I was able to pick out some helpful tips that I felt I should share. In this blog, read 4 ways to stay positive during a company crisis.

  1. Fall back on experience – When you are presented with a crisis, fall back on your experience as an HR manager. Remember that what you see at face value is never the whole picture. Encourage everyone to take a breath and work through the problem so every facet can be seen. This approach will keep employees level, save time, and creates a better chance of solving the problem, rather than putting out the fire.
  2. Manage distractions – The possibility of losing a job is a distraction for every employee, no matter how high-level. However, that threat becomes even more real if everyone is too distracted from the crisis to continue with day-to-day operations. Instead, assign the task of solving the problem to a group of committed individuals to concentrate on the issue at hand. That way, it’s handled and everyone else can get back to work.
  3. Manage your culture – Don’t ignore the problem and pretend that nothing is wrong. Your employees know better and will begin to imagine the worst. Be sure to remain upbeat and have face-to-face, in the moment contact with employees. This will show them that you’re doing your job even though the pressure is high even though you’re under a lot of stress.
  4. Adapt – HR is largely about policy and law. However, being a great HR leader is having the ability to adapt to new or unexpected situations. You can do this by knowing your field and knowing it well. This level of expertise will allow you to apply your knowledge and experience in a way that makes sense for each unique situation as it develops.

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