4 Ways An HR Director Can Help You Keep The Small Business Family Feel

large_4177252336Successful small businesses often go through the growing pain of switching over from informal processes to formal processes.  As a company grows, it’s essential to have rules and procedures in place to ensure continuity and equality between employees.  The process of bringing on an HR professional to keep you compliant can make you feel like you’re losing the culture of your small business, but in this blog I’m going to talk about 4 ways an HR Director can help you keep the family feel of your business, according to HR Magazine.

When you opened the doors to your small business with just a few employees, you were excited about the camaraderie of having such a small team and the flexibility of going into business for yourself.  Fast forward through about five successful years and instead of ten employees, you have fifty.  You want to make sure everyone is happy so you work hard to make sure your culture remains unchanged.  However, you begin to worry about the legalities of your compliance, not to mention the fact that it’s taking you away from doing what you really love about owning your own business.

The above story is a scenario that nearly every small business that was polled over the last 20 years has gone through, according to HR Magazine.  Owners realize that there comes a point when they need help managing their employees’ happiness, but they worry over losing that family feel.  Below are 4 ways hiring an HR Director can actually help you keep your “ma and pop” shop:

  1. Offering employees high pay contingent on performance
  2. Giving employees greater autonomy in work assignments
  3. Forming and using teams
  4. Enhancing opportunities for training and development

If your goal is to keep the small business feel, it will happen if that is the main premise behind every initiative you employ.

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