4 Steps To Creating A Process For Your New Process

Business MeetingImplementing a new process in any company can be difficult.  Organizations have processes put in place for many tasks employees are responsible for, but what about a process for creating and implementing new processes?  Sierra Club, a 120-year-old company, started their implementation of a new applicant tracking system from ground zero.  When reading their story in HR Magazine, I realized there was an opportunity here:  to share with you their process to creating a new process!  In this blog I want to share with you what I read about so the next time you have new technology or software you want to integrate into your normal day, the only thought you have won’t be, “Where do I begin?”


When thinking about what you want your software to do for you, think about what is important for the end result. 

  • What processes are in place that should be kept? 
  • What processes have become convoluted that can be cleaned up? 
  • What processes need to be reformatted to meet policy guidelines?


Encourage feedback from relevant parties.  Once you have mapped out your process, get a team together and encourage them to be as critical as possible.  While mapping out your process there may be details or redundancies you’ve missed that the people who will be using the end result software will easily spot.


Communicate to the company your new technology and the purpose of said technology.  Offer trainings and be clear about how important it is that employees learn this software; give them a reason to care as much as you do.  During trainings, encourage questions and concerns.  This will weed out any last minute glitches you may have missed.


Nothing as big as creating a new process can be perfect on the first go around.  Be open to suggestions for improvement and look at questions as opportunities for improvements on user-friendliness.

Software was created to make our lives easier and to allow us to do our jobs better.  When systems are put in place correctly from day one, technology can certainly do those two things for us.  Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can make a great addition to a process improvement team.  Contact Serenity Staffing today if you’re looking to bring someone on board to help implement a new system in your company.  Follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn to be notified of my weekly blogs!