3 Ways To Lower Health Care Bills

large_4800255790For HR benefits managers, the rising cost of health care can be something that keeps you up at night.  Many benefits administrators have found success in the use of technology to engage employees in wellness programs.  In this blog, I’m going to talk about how to get employees involved in your wellness program and how that can lower your health care bills, according to HR Magazine.

For a long time, health insurance plans have incentivized policyholders with a gym membership discount if they work out at least 12 times per month.  However, with busy lives and keeping kids occupied, it can be surprisingly difficult to make it to the gym an average of three times per week.  If this is what you’re experiencing with your employees, it may be time to take a more hands on approach to their wellness.  Below are some ideas in which you can do that:

Create a Wellness Program

Typical wellness programs unite employees and the company.  This shows that your company is committed to their health and well being, so employees are inspired to get involved.  Host fitness classes at your facility, bring in health and nutrition experts for a lunch-and-learn, or host a benefit walk for a local charity.  Doing these things regularly will engage employees with the company and connect them on a healthy level.

Help Employees With a Personalized Wellness Plan

There are online programs that can offer employees a personalized health assessment and wellness plan.  These programs, based on a questionnaire filled out by the employee, can help determine an employee’s chronological age, thus inspiring them to get healthy if that age doesn’t necessarily match their biological age.

Track Employee’s Healthy Progress

Along with the portal that gives the employee their personalized fitness plan, it can send healthy reminders to the employee’s smartphone or email.  Reminders may include the importance of sleep or keeping blood sugar levels even all day.  Using technology, employees can also track their steps throughout the day and the positive effects their active jobs have on their health. 

No matter the technology you decide to implement to increase employee health engagement, be sure to make it a fun and rewarding experience.  Offer employees that get involved and meet their goals chances to win prizes such as a free iPad, a vacation for two, or free health insurance premiums for a year.  The more engagement you have, the lower your over all health care costs will be. 

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