3 Things That Will Make Employees Excited To Work For You

Photo Credit: tec_estromberg

Photo Credit: tec_estromberg

Are you an employer of choice? According to a March article published in HR Magazine, written by Henry G. Jackson, it has been said that 2014 is the year of the employee. In this blog, read about what’s shifting the control to employees and why it’s important to make your company a great place to work.

Your high-performing employees likely required some searching before you hired them and grooming them once they agreed to be part of your team. It’s important to make sure they want to stay at your company because as the job market shifts, other high-performing employees will be few and far between. Here’s why:

Improving economy. We’ve all felt it with the recent housing boom and increased consumer spending. Our economy is growing again and, along with that, the job market is starting to open up. If your company isn’t doing anything to keep your valuable employees on board, they’ll likely start looking for work elsewhere.

Health insurance. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, no one can be declined health insurance coverage due to pre-existing conditions. This can make people feel a little freer to change jobs. Yes, people are locked into their current health care decision until the next open enrollment period beginning in fall of 2014, but certain special qualifications allow them to make a change in their plan. A change in employment is one of those special qualifications. Employee health benefits are no longer a sole reason why someone will stay at their job, so other reasons to stay need to be present.

Balance. Because of budget cuts during the recession, employees were asked to do more for less. The employees who did this to stay employed have pulled their weight and they’re going to start choosing lifestyle and balance over working more than their fair share just to keep their job. If they can’t find balance with your company, they’re likely to look elsewhere for it.

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