3 Tasks For Involving Your Employees In Goal-Setting

large_7369580478For managers, planning team goals for the year can be a stressful task.  However, involving your employees in the goal planning process not only takes the burden off managers, it also raises the chances of achieving those goals.  After reading this blog, you’ll be motivated to get back to your team and get started on accomplishing common goals.

Designing goals for your team is difficult enough.  The real work is getting employees excited about these goals when there is no ownership of them.  Involving employees in setting goals each year gives them a little skin in the game and a reason to perform their best.  According to HR Magazine, when employees work towards something they have a vested interest in, it also contributes to higher job satisfaction and retention; something every HR manager is trying to achieve.  Read about three things to do during this process to ensure engagement from your employees:


Prepare – Before you meet with your employees one-on-one for their goal planning, make sure you first know your company’s vision and goals for the next year.  Without that knowledge, you and your employees won’t know where to put your efforts.


Review – Let your employees know that you’ll be reviewing their goals to ensure they are on the right path for the company.  If their goals and plans don’t fit in with the company’s vision, they will be wasting their time.


Align – During a final goal-setting meeting, review goals to make sure the two of you agree on the tasks that will be focused on the coming year.  Your employees will be strategic and focused in their work as they see how their efforts are contributing to the big picture.


By involving employees in the goal-setting process, they will be able to articulate how every task they do contributes to the company’s annual goals.  Competent employees who show ownership make managers look good, which makes the company look good.  If everyone is involved, then everyone benefits!

Does your company’s vision and the amount of work that’s to be done align with how many employees you have?  If goal-setting meetings have created new positions or the need for more employees, contact Serenity Staffing to help you fill those positions.  By enlisting our help, you’ll avoid the daunting process of going through stacks of resumes to find the perfect candidates.  Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn where we continually post updates and trends on the HR industry!