3 Reasons Why HR Professionals Love Their Jobs

large_6829457845If you work in the field of HR, it’s likely you’re satisfied with your job. But it might surprise you to know that according to an article in HR Magazine, The Joy of Working in HR, it’s not the paycheck that gives most HR professionals their job satisfaction. In this blog, read about what makes employees in the field of HR so satisfied about their jobs.


It’s not all about the money.

People who work in HR seem to be natural caretakers. That’s why, although important, money isn’t going to be what drives an HR professional’s job satisfaction. A career in HR has a lot of meaning behind it. So, if the employees at the company are happy, your HR staff feels good about their environment, and they’re passionate about the job they’re doing, the money is going to be less important than the other intrinsic factors.


Communication is key.

Communication is another area that HR professionals view as a “must have” in their jobs. Although meaningful, HR tasks can be largely intangible. Because of this, it’s important for HR employees to have a good relationship and open communication habits with their CEO or manager. When new plans are implemented in an effort to make employee life better or overall improve the company, it’s important to be able to ask your superior how you’re doing. Having a frank discussion not only ensures HR professionals know they are doing a good job, but it can also bring about other ideas to help grow the company.


Benefits are still important.

Despite the first two points, there are some basic benefits that are becoming more important to HR employees. Paid time off shows employees they are appreciated and recognizes their hard work by giving them a well-deserved and earned break. Health care benefits are another area HR professionals find important. Because they see how much it costs on both the individual market as well as group, they are thankful when their company offers it.


It’s important to appreciate all employees. There is a direct correlation between employee satisfaction and employee engagement. Having a star HR team in place is one way to make sure all employees are happy. But don’t forget about making sure your HR team is satisfied! If they’re happy, then everyone is happy!

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