3 Important Reasons To Manage Employee Stress

large_4774087006Workplace stress is a common problem many companies have, but did you know that too much stress could actually have an affect on your bottom line? It’s helpful to take a stand on stress before it becomes a problem. In this blog, read about the importance of managing stress and how HR can help.

According to an article in the March issue of HR Magazine, written by Donna M. Owens, the U.S. and Canada spends billions of dollars in lost production and health care to manage the affects of stress. However, when a major amount of stress isn’t an issue in the first place employees are happier, more engaged, and more productive.

Lost productivity. To much pressure and stress can actually make employees less productive. They can lose their energy and their decision-making abilities could be significantly diminished. By holding off on pushing employees beyond their limits, you give them time to take care of themselves by way of exercise, relaxation, and healthcare issues before they become bigger problems.

Engagement and morale. Employees will be less apt to giving their all when it really counts if they are constantly pressured to be “on”. Technology and our “I want it now” culture have created an impatient and demanding environment. Coach and encourage employees and managers to set realistic goals and expectations. A little stress is okay in this situation, as it will motivate employees to get to work. But when achievement doesn’t seem possible, it can crush the spirit of the people you depend on to get the job done. 

Workplace bullies. Whether they are bosses, managers, supervisors, or other employees, every workplace has at least one of these. These employees regularly bully or harass other coworkers in order to get things done. These people need to be dealt with immediately. Their negativity can have a ripple affect throughout your entire company and can put unnecessary stress and fear on good employees. Coach these people on more affective ways in which to deal with employees. If they aren’t receptive, then more severe action may need to be taken by suspension or termination.

Stress is a real thing that can either be negative or positive. Ensure you’re keeping positive tension a part of your company culture by regularly engaging with employees and having open and honest conversations with them on how they’re feeling. Even if the pressure of a large project is impossible to get rid of just this moment, employees will feel like they have an ally in you as long as they know you’re concerned.

Now that you know how to manage company stress, you can expect your productivity to go up, which could cause a staffing need! Contact Serenity Staffing today to learn about how we can help you find your next top employee. We’ll pre-screen all candidates, coordinate interviews, and handle all post-interview communication. Connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get our blog updates!