3 Benefits Of Behavioral Assessments

origin_2035597695Does your company have a high amount of turnover due to underperforming employees? Instead of continuing on a cycle of continuous attrition, many employers have opted to get to the root of behavior problems with behavioral assessments. In this blog, read about how behavior assessments can increase retention, engagement, and revenue.

When employees don’t work out again and again, it may be time to assess whether or not you’re hiring the right employees for the job. Behavior assessments have been around for decades, but understanding how certain personalities are going to work within different areas of a company has only recently begun to be applied.

Cherry Picking Employees

Think about your best employees. Wouldn’t it be great to get your entire workforce to engage like them? When you start at the root, you can. Consider what makes those great employees stand out. Is it their work ethic, dependability, or attention to detail? Once you have that information, you can begin your search for candidates that possess those traits.

Engagement Ripple Effect

Assessments also increase engagement. When you have a group of people who are positive about the work they are doing, their engagement acts as a ripple effect through the company. Employees who were once feeling negative about their jobs suddenly gain a new perspective on their work.  

Increase in Revenue

When personalities are given duties that match up with their interests, retention increases. As retention increases, skills increase, and your ROI on your behavior assessments increase. In other words, the higher your engagement will be and your turnover will decrease. The lower your turnover, the more you will experience a growth in revenue.

Some behavior assessments may reveal that an employee will never be a good fit for the task they are doing in your company. In this case, you will have a staffing need. Contact Serenity Staffing today to be your staffing partner. With a well-thought out behavior assessment tool in place, along with a staffing company who knows the candidates you’re searching for, your company will be a well-oiled machine with employees that will be with you for the long haul. Contact us today and connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn to get our weekly blog updates!