Personalities and Retention Are Related

Every personality is different.  If you’ve taken a personality test you will see that the test tries to categorize you.  Some parts of the description of the category the test slots you in to may make sense to you and some may seem like they are coming from left field.  But maybe most of it seems spot on.  These categories let us know what is important to us and how we will react in social situations.  Many companies use these tests to find out what is important to employees so they can ensure productivity, engagement, and retention.  Minnesota based company 3M Corp. is using conjoint analysis to get to know their employees better and understand what is important to them.  Their analysis revealed different segments of employees that were surprising as some of the employee’s interests weren’t focused on monetary gain.  Some of the segments 3M employees fell in to were:

 “In it for my life”

These people are motivated by alternative work arrangements that give their life more freedom and flexibility

“In it to win it”

These personalities work because they love the fast-pace and challenge of it and enjoy the risk

“In it to experience it”

These people like to stretch themselves and find joy in new experiences, learning and growth

“In it as Alpine ascenders”

This personality wants to see the results of their hard work, and fast, by way of quick promotions

No matter your company’s industry, it’s important to understand the personality segments of your employees.  This is important to keep in mind when rewarding employees.  For example, you wouldn’t reward an employee with the same type of projects they’ve been doing for years on end when what they really want is a challenge.  They might get bored and seek more challenging work taking their talents to another company.  The personalities of your employees are directly related to retention and productivity within your company.  To make sure you’re up to date on the latest HR information from Serenity Staffing, be sure to follow me on Facebook and LinkedIn!