Millennials’ Broaden the Definition of Diversity

As the Millennials’ slowly start to take over the workplace, their management style is not the only thing that seems to be changing. When the word “diversity” comes to mind most of us think about race, ethnicity, gender and age. However Dana Wilkie writes on the Society for Human Resource Management website titled, “Is the […]

Video Chats Are Becoming A Mainstream Recruitment Tool

When video conferencing first became a tool in the workplace, it opened businesses up to a whole new world of connectivity. As a result, recruiting turned into a worldwide game, instead of a regional one. With any new technology, it also creates a new set of problems. Because of the cost and effort, video conferencing […]

How Offering A Paternity Leave Program Benefits Your Company

The necessity of a dual income is more common than not in today’s day and age, as reported by HR Magazine’s article, “Men Need Work/Life Balance, Too”, published in their November 2014 issue. As a result, men are helping out with the kids more than ever before. In the article it stated that only 14% […]

Employee Financial Health Impacts Your Bottom Line

Many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. This means that one small financial setback can have disastrous consequences on many lives. But as an employer paying a fair wage, you may be wondering what this has to do with you. There are many reasons why you should care about your employees’ financial well-being.  Employees who have […]

Cringe-Worthy Performance Reviews And How To Stop Them

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to performance review time. From managers to employees, the opinion is usually less than favorable. However, thanks to inspiration from social media, there may be a solution to making this task less arduous and time-consuming. In July, HR Magazine published an article by Edie L. Goldberg, Ph.D. called […]

Do You Have A Workplace Bully?

Bullying has become a big problem, in schools, yes, but also in the work place. It seems there are some people who lean towards using aggression to get what they want when dealing with other employees. However, what these workplace bullies don’t understand is that they are doing damage to their employees and team members. […]

Ebola & The Flu Have The Same Symptoms: What You Need To Know

There’s no question that concerns about Ebola are going to affect the workplace. Thanks to the media and Internet, there’s a lot of misinformation, rumors, and miscommunication out there. That being said, this epidemic should still be taken seriously. According to the CDC, the outbreak of the Ebola virus is the largest we’ve ever seen, […]

How Employee Fitness Saves You Money

Now that it’s mandatory to provide health insurance to employees, employers are looking for ways to keep costs down. One way companies are doing this is by having employees wear fitness trackers. A sedentary lifestyle is unhealthy, which directly affects how much employees use benefits. A high amount of use will cause benefit premiums to […]

How Happy Employees Affect Your Bottom Line

When it comes to engaged and productive employees, there’s a reason why phrases like, “You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do that,” have become mainstream. People need to be happy in their work, or they’ll simply do the bare minimum or find more meaningful work elsewhere, as referenced in HR Magazine’s article Come […]

2 Reasons Why Jobs Stay Open

Our labor force is shrinking. There is direct evidence of this thanks to a study illustrated in an article posted by by John Zappe, “Jobs Staying Open Longer Than Ever”. The study showed that it’s getting more and more difficult to fill open positions. This may seem like good news, as it is evidence […]